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Read the following text to answer questions 4 to 6!
Black Beauty
        Farmer Gray was the kindest master in the world. He was proud of me, and called me Black Beauty. I had a white spot on my forehead and one white foot. He trained me to pull a carriage. Then I learn to wear a saddle and carry a rider on my back.
        One day, Farmer Gray said, "A good horse like you do not live on a farm. So you will be going to live with Squire Gordon and his family.1" I was very sad to leave my mother and my home.
However, when I saw my masters I knew 1 would be happy with them. They lived in a big mansion and welcomed me warmly. Mrs. Gordon was pale and ill, but she smiled when she saw me.
        The groom who looked after the stables was John Manly. He loved horses. He introduced me to Merry legs, the children's pony, Ginger, and old mare. She was not a bad horse, but had been ill-treated in the past.
Taken from: Bulletin Intensive
English Course No. 17, November 2000
What did Black Beauty learn from Farmer Gray?
  • A.Working in a farm.
  • B.Running in a farm.
  • C.Carrying a rider.
  • D.Pulling a carriage.
Why was the horse sad to leave Farmer Gray?
  • A.Fanner Gray didn't love it.
  • B.It loved Farmer Gray.
  • C.It couldn't stand living on a farm.
  • D.Farmer Gray hated it.
"He trained me to pull a rider on my back." (paragraph 1) What does the underlined word mean?
  • A.Taught.
  • B.Learned.
  • C.Studied.
  • D.Imitated.
For question 8 and 9 choose the best words to complete the dialogue
Anna : Are you hungry, Hanny?
Hanny : No, but I’m ... (8) Let's get a soda
Anna : What about you, Johan? Johan : I’m hungry-very hungry; Hanny : So, do you like ... (9)?
Johan : Yes, I do.
  • A.thirsty
  • B.tired
  • C.sleepy
  • D.fresh
  • A.sandwiches
  • B.milk shakes
  • juice
  • D.lemon tea
Teacher : ... boys! You disturb the students. They are having a test.
Students : Sorry, Madam.
  • A.Look at me
  • B.Be quite
  • C.Sit here
  • D.Open up
Dan Seterusnya ....???
Baca Selengkapnya Silahkan Ambil(Download) File Dibawah Ini:
1.Dalam Format PDF
2.Dalam Format DOC

Shahih Bukhari
-Imam Bukhari-
Kitab Dua Hari Raya
Bab 25: Apabila Terluput dari Shalat Hari Raya dengan Berjamaah, Bolehlah Shalat Dua Rakaat, Begitu Pula Kaum Wanita, Orang yang Ada di Rumah dan di Desa, Mengingat sabda Nabi صلی الله عليه وسلم, "Ini adalah hari raya kita umat Islam."[ 20 ]
Anas bin Malik memerintahkan mantan budaknya dan sahabatnya Ibnu Abi Utbah yang ada di pelosok supaya mengumpulkan keluarganya dan anak anaknya, dan melakukan shalat hari raya sebagaimana orang kota serta bertakbir seperti mereka.[21]
Ikrimah berkata, "Orang-orang pelosok berkumpul pada hari raya menunaikan shalat dua rakaat sebagaimana yang dilakukan imam."[22]
Atha' berkata, "Apabila seseorang terluput menunaikan shalat Id (dengan berjamaah), maka hendaklah ia menunaikannya dua rakaat."[23]
(Saya berkata, "Dalam bab ini Imam Bukhari meriwayatkan dengan isnadnya hadits Aisyah yang tersebut pada nomor 508 di muka.")

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