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Read the text and answer questions 10 to 13.
        He is still one of the most recognizable men on earth. And decades after he burst upon the scene as a gold medal winner at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy, Muhammad Ali remains a magical figure, known and loved throughout the world.
        Ali brought new speed and grace to his sport, and his charm and wit changed forever what we expect a champion to be. His accomplishments in the ring were die stuff of legend: two fights with Sonny Liston, where he proclaimed himself "he Greatest" and proved he was; three ambitious wars with Joe Frazier the stunning victory over
George Foreman in Zaire; and dethroning Leon Spinks to become heavyweight champion for the third time. But there was always far more to Muhammad Ali than what took place in a boxing ring.
        His early embrace of the Nation of Islam and his insistence on being called Muhammad Ali instead of his "slave name" Cassius Clay, introduced a new era in black pride. His refusal to be inducted into the United States army anticipated the growing antiwar movement of the 1960s. And his willingness to stage his fights in different countries such as Kinshasa, Zaire; Manila, Philippines; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, signaled a shift away from super power dominances toward a growing awareness of the importance of the third world.
        Today, Ali is a deeply religious man who causes feeling of love and respect wherever he travels.
From the text, we know that Muhammad Ali:…
  • a boxer
  • not a boxer anymore
  • C.still plays boxing so far
  • D.never played boxing well
Muhammad Ali boxed dramatically when he fought three times against....
  • A.Sonny Liston
  • B.Joe Frazier
  • C.George Foreman
  • D.Leon Spinks
Muhammad Ali is a man who once ...
  • A.became a United States Army
  • B.hated slave black men
  • C.won a gold medal in boxing
  • D.refused to become a boxer
"His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend." (paragraph 2).
The synonym of the italic word is ...
  • A.costumes
  • B.gloves
  • C.voices
  • D.actions
Ata : Summer has come. What plans have you made for the summer …?
Ergi : Hiking with friends in the Himalayas.
\Ata : For how long?
Ergi : We'll leave in mid June and return at the end of August
  • A.course
  • D.vacation
Do you know much; about computers? They are used for all sorts of things now, such as for counting things,ticketing and other things."What does the italic word mean?
  • A.Kinds
  • B.Prices
  • C.Sizes
  • D.Shapes
Faiz : What does Samsul plan to do after the coming semester test?
Wiwit : He ... his school |holiday with us.
  • A.spent
  • B.spends
  • C.has spent
  • D.will spend
Complete the paragraph below.Yemin Loyola is a Mexican girl. She ... in Indonesia since last year. She is here to study Indonesian culture in a private university in Central Java.
  • B.was
  • C.has been
  • D.have been
Dan Seterusnya ....???
Baca Selengkapnya Silahkan Ambil(Download) File Dibawah Ini:
1.Dalam Format PDF
2.Dalam Format DOC

Shahih Bukhari
-Imam Bukhari-
Kitab Zakat
Bab 49: Berzakat kepada Suami dan Anak-Anak Yatim yang dalam Peliharaan
Demikian dikatakan oleh Abu Sa'id dari Nabi.[30]
728. Zainab istri Abdullah berkata, "Saya berada dalam masjid, lalu saya melihat Nabi. Kemudian beliau bersabda, 'Bersedekahlah, walaupun dengan perhiasanmu!' Saya (Zainab) biasa memberi belanja (natkah) untuk Abdullah (suaminya) dan untuk anak yatim yang dipeliharanya. Saya berkata kepada Abdullah, 'Cobalah tanyakan kepada Rasulullah, apakah cukup bagiku apa yang saya belanjakan untuk engkau dan yatim yang saya pelihara?' Abdullah berkata, 'Engkau sendirilah yang bertanya kepada beliau.' Kemudian saya berangkat kepada Nabi. Saya mendapatkan wanita Anshar di depan pintu yang keperluannya seperti keperluanku. Kemudian Bilal lewat di muka bumi, lalu kami berkata, 'Tanyakan kepada Nabi, apakah cukup bagiku dengan memberi nafkah kepada suamiku dan anak-anak yatimku dalam pemeliharaanku?' Kami berkata, 'Jangan engkau beritahukan siapa kami.' Maka, Bilal menemui Nabi dan menanyakan kepada beliau, lalu beliau bertanya, 'Siapakah mereka itu? Bilal menjawab, 'Zainab.' Beliau bertanya lagi, 'Zainab yang mana?' Bilal menjawab, 'Istri Abdullah.' Lalu, beliau bersabda, 'Ya, cukup. Ia mendapat dua pahala, yaitu pahala kerabat dan pahala sedekah.'"

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