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X : Get up, please. Riko.
Y : In a minute, Mom. I'm still sleepy.
X : Come on. Have a shower right now, or you'll be late for school.Where does the dialogue take place?
  • A.In the office
  • B.At home
  • C.In class
  • D.In the library
Dony : ... do you go fishing? Deni : Once a week.
  • A.How far
  • B.How long
  • C.How often
  • D.How many
Lidya : What a lovely purse!
Anne : Thank you, I ... it myself. Lidya : Did you?
Anne : Yes, I did.
  • A.make
  • B.made
  • making
  • D.was making
Mr. Wilman : Mr. Enoch, do you mind having dinner at my house this evening?
Mr. Enoch : That sounds good. Mr. Wilman : Are you sure?
Mr. Enoch : …
  • A.I'm positive
  • B.Fine, go ahead
  • C.I'm afraid I can't
  • D.No, I can't
Rita : Hi, friends! Tomorrow is a holiday. What shall we do?
Ratih : How about going to Ramayana Department store?
Emi : ... What about swimming.
Rita : OK, so what time shall we go? Emi : Nine o'clock.
  • A.That’s not a good idea
  • B.I agree with you
  • C.That's fine
  • D.You're right
Read the following text and answer questions 22 to 24.
        The students of IA have just finished doing an experiment in the laboratory. It is nine fifteen. It is time for them to have a break now. Etvia and her friends are in the canteen. The canteen is big and clean. There is a washing table with the sentence "Wash your hands before and after eating" above it. There are bowls of side-dishes (lauk-pauk) and drinks sold in the canteen. All the students queue up to buy their food. Discipline and obedience help to make sure every body follow the canteen rules. The rules are to queue up to buy food and not to spit on the floor. If the students are cooperative, the canteen will be clean and safe.
The students are in the ... now.
  • A.laboratory
  • B.canteen
  • C.library
What are the canteen rules?
  • A.Work together to prepare food.
  • B.Discipline and obedience.
  • C.Wash your hands before and after eating.
  • D.Queue up to buy food and not to spit on the floor.
"There is a washing table with the sentence 'Wash your hands before and after eating' above it." The word 'it' refers to ...
  • A.the washing table
  • B.the sentence
  • C.the canteen
  • D.the hand
Dan Seterusnya ....???
Baca Selengkapnya Silahkan Ambil(Download) File Dibawah Ini:
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2.Dalam Format DOC

Shahih Bukhari
-Imam Bukhari-
Kitab Zakat
Bab 29: Perumpamaan Orang yang Suka Bersedekah dan Yang Kikir
719. Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه mengatakan bahwa ia mendengar Rasulullah bersabda, "Perumpamaan orang yang kikir dan orang yang berinfak (dalam satu riwayat: bersedekah 2/120) adalah seperti dua orang yang memakai jubah (dalam satu riwayat perisai) besi dari susu sampai tulang selangka. Adapun orang yang berinfak, maka tidaklah ia memberikan infak melainkan jubah itu semakin sempurna atau memenuhi (meliputi) seluruh kulitnya. Sehingga, jubah itu menutupi jari-jarinya dan menghapus bekasnya. Sedangkan, orang yang kikir, maka tidaklah ia bermaksud membelanjakan sesuatu, melainkan setiap lingkarannya menempel pada tempatnya, (dan kedua tangannya menempel ke tulang selangkanya 3/231). Ia (berusaha) melonggarkan jubah itu, tetapi jubah itu tidak bertambah longgar." Abu Hurairah berkata, "Maka, aku melihat Rasulullah berbuat demikian dengan jarinya pada kedua sakunya. Kalau aku melihat beliau melonggarkan jubah itu, tidak juga ia menjadi longgar."

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