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Sabtu, Juni 25, 2011



The queen is a special ant. It gets special food form the hunters. The word "it" in the statement above refers to the ...
  • A.queen
  • B.hunter
  • C.ants
Read the text carefully!
The ants are very interesting.They have been running about everywhere.They seem very busy.They have been looking for food.When an ant finds something, it takes it to the nest. If one ant cannot carry it,it calls its friends to help. Ants are social insects. They are like people. They live in families and build their own houses or nests. But a family of ants may consist of tents of thousands. Each, ant has its own work to do. There are hunters, workers, and soldiers. The hunters hunt for food for all the ants in the nest. The workers build the nest. Most ants make 'their nest in the ground. The workers dig holes in the ground and make rooms. The soldiers guard the nests against the strangers and enemies. The workers and soldiers get their food from the hunters. The queen is a special ants. It gets special food from the hunters. It does not have to work. Its only job is to lay eggs, (buku Paket B. Inggris 2b SMP)
X : What is the first paragraph about?
Y : It is about the ...
  • of the ants
  • B.ants can run everywhere
  • C.busyness of the ants
  • D.ants always help each other
It also lies between two oceans - the Samudra
Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean, (in paragraph one) The word "It" here refers to ...
  • A.the Indonesian Archipelago
  • of islands the
  • C.two continents the
  • D.five main islands
We can find none or only a small number of certain species' of animals because people have been killing The underlined "them" here refers to. ...
  • A.wildlife
  • B.species of animals
  • C.factories
  • D.buildings
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Riyadhus Shalihin
-Imam An-Nawawi-
Bab 6: Ketaqwaan
Pertama: Dari Abu Hurairah رضي الله عنه, katanya: "Rasulullah صلی الله عليه وسلم ditanya: "Ya Rasulullah, siapakah orang yang semulia-mulianya?"
Beliau صلی الله عليه وسلم bersabda: "Yaitu orang yang bertaqwa di antara engkau semua.
Orang-orang berkata: "Bukan ini yang kita tanyakan." Beliau صلی الله عليه وسلم, menjawab: "Kalau begitu ialah Nabi Yusuf, ia adalah Nabiullah, putera Nabiullah dan inipun putera Nabiullah pula dan ini adalah putera khalilullah - kekasih Allah yakni bahwa Nabi Yusuf itu adalah putera Nabi Ya'qub putera Nabi Ishaq putera Nabi Ibrahim yaitu Khalilullah."
Orang-orang berkata lagi: "Bukan ini yang kita tanyakan." Beliau صلی الله عليه وسلم menjawab pula: "Jadi tentang orang-orang yang merupakan pelikan-pelikan - pembesar-pembesar - dari bangsa Arab yang engkau semua tanyakan padaku? Orang-orang yang merupakan pilihan di antara bangsa Arab itu di zaman Jahiliyah, itu pulalah yang merupakan orang-orang pilihan di zaman Islam, jikalau mereka mengerti hukum-hukum agama." (Muttafaq 'alaih)
Lafaz Faquhuu jika dibaca dengan didhammahkan qafnya adalah masyhur, tetapi ada yang mengatakan dengan mengkasrahkan qaf, lalu dibaca Faqihuu, artinya ialah "mengerti akan hukum-hukum syara'."

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